Kickboxing in south miami

Kickboxing like never before at KICKBOXRX!!!

Kickboxing and boxing has been around for a while. As a matter of fact the roots of Kickboxing can be found to date back 2000 years ago in Far East Asia, where Muay Thai Kickboxing

Kickboxing in south miami
Kickboxing in south miami

was commonly practiced as a self-defense discipline. Today Kickboxing as a form of cardio conditioning is very popular with both men and women. Unfortunately in the South Florida area there are very few places which offer an intense kickboxing class that not only teaches the fundamentals but delivers fat melting, muscle toning workout that knocks the socks off of you. If you’ve been searching in the South Miami, Coral Gables or Pinecrest area for Kickboxing classes, search no more. Kickboxrx is here and it’s guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Classes start October 2015 but don’t wait sign up now because space is limited!! See you all in class!

Best Box?!

best box in south florida?
best box in south florida?!

We spent a month dropping in at different boxes throughout South Florida last month and had a difficult time of selecting what we thought was the best box. After much debate and consideration we selected Crossfit Soul Miami.

What we found at Crossfit Soul was a extremely professional staff and an inclusive no attitude atmosphere. The level of instruction was excellent but what stood out the most was the genuineness of the staff.  Crossfit Soul offers a very flexible schedule and fee schedule that can accommodate just about anyone. Additionally Crossfit Soul has additional programming that are excellent to combine with your training such as yoga.

This Box also offers a sound nutritional program and personalized coaching.

You can get more information by visiting their website or their location.

See you soon!

Take the latest Kickboxing Challenge!

Kickboxing classes miami
We’ve found the best kickboxing workout in Miami! 

Miami’s best workouts bring you the latest and hottest kickboxing class around the South Florida area. KickBoxRx takes the traditional Kickboxing class experience and transforms it into a fun, high intensity workout that will make you want to come back for seconds and thirds. By combining some great classic moves with conditioning & core work plus awesome music and motivating instructors, KickBoxRx has created a fantastic class.

Classes are one hour long and after a thorough warm up they’ll start working your legs and butt like never before. Once you think it’s time to start slowing down KickBoxRx’s instructor begins adding upper body moves and finally core and abs.

I couldn’t sit for a couple of days and there’s nothing like that “good sore” you get from a great workout.

KickBoxRx has only one location so far in South Miami with a few more planned in Coconut Grove, Pinecrest and Coral Gables. The primary location is centrally located in South Miami at 5800 SW 66 Street and has an incredibly large floor space which lets them incorporate all kinds of madness you won’t get a regular martial arts studio or kickboxing gym.

Don’t expect MMA style fighting or grappling. Although this offers the basics of self defense it’s primarily for conditioning, fat loss and toning. You’ll get the body of an athlete without the skull crushing impact.

We loved KickBoxRx and we are positive you will too!


Miami’s Best Workouts!

Miami’s Best Workouts!

Hello everyone! We wondered where the best best workouts in Miami were. So we set out to find them, take them and let you know what we thought. Our expert panel is composed of industry experts from very many different disciplines. Come back check us out every week!

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